Welcome to a New Academic Year

Hello and welcome back, or just welcome, to academic year 2011-12. We have had a hectic and rewarding summer and hope all of you will enjoy your coming studies.

We now are part of a new Faculty, the Faculty of Business and Society, which segways the old HaSS and Glamorgan Business School bringing politics and public policy back into the business fold and the rest of HaSS into a new relationship with business. This opens new possibilities and opportunities for us and new resources for you as students, the most visible of which is the new reception up in H-block, Hirwaun. We’re looking forward to developing more positive benefits from this relationship.

Despite the inevitable disruption caused by this merger we were left by our graduating third years with excellent NSS (National Student Survey) results. Sociology received an exceptional grading for overall satisfaction with the course, and Social Policy obtained 93% in this category. The latter was the third best result in the University, equal with that of Criminology. We are all delighted that our students recognised our efforts and particular praise is due to outgoing Sociology Award Leader, Steve Williams. This has left us with some legacy to live up to this year, and my colleagues and I are determined to do so.

Recruitment has also gone well and we have a good bunch of first years to welcome onto our courses in Sociology, Public Services and the HND. I welcome you all and look forward to seeing many of you over the coming days and certainly in lectures and seminars from n ext week. We hope you enjoy your time with us and find it as fulfilling as many who have gone before you have done.

Don’t forget as always there is plenty of help and assistance for you to enrich your experience and provide support in times of trouble. Apart from myself as award Leader for Sociology and Politics, and Jennifer Law, Award Leader for Public Services and the HND in Public and Emergency Services, the Faculty Advice Shop has now relocated to H-block, Hirwaun, and you can get further assistance from the Social Policy community on Blackboard, our pages on Glamlife, the University website, including the Learning Resources Centre, the Careers office, our computer services team, and the Module Database. Many of the services on campus are now close to Social Sciences staff base in Ferndale, notably Student Services opposite Ferndale’s entrance, and behind Ferndale the new Meeting Room in X-block with Chaplaincy facilities. Don’t forget if you have any problems, about your studies or which affect your studies, then please talk to us.

I have asked Social Policy staff to contribute to this new blog, and there is much which we can discuss here, so i am hoping for regular comments and not just from me!

All the best,

Gerald Taylor

Award Leader Sociology

Award Leader Politics

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