Undergraduate Dissertation Conference

For all our final year final year undergraduate dissertation students our Dissertation Conference is taking place on Wednesday 14th December. registration will take place at 9.00am in the Postgraduate Centre, Ty Crawshay (A block).

The programme for the day for Social Policy students is under the Resources button on Blackboard, along with your presentation groups. For those of you who are not familiar with Ty Crawshay and might have problems finding the Postgraduate Centre then here is a pictoral guide!

Start at Ty Crawshay:


Go to the entrance to the left of the main door:

Go up the stairs to the first floor:

And the Postgraduate Centre is on your left at the top of the stairs on the first floor:

Social policy students will be making their presentations in the rooms which are in the same block as teh International Students Office. If you follow the pathway behind the block leading into B block and turn left the entrance is alongside the International Students Office under the covered path.

The rooms we will be using are B69, B169 and B169a, they look like this:

The Groups, rooms, chairs and times are:

Social Sciences Dissertation Presentations

Wednesday 14th December

Presentation Groups, Social Policy

Each presentation should last 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions


Presentation Group O: The Effectiveness of the Public Sector

Chair: Colin Morgan

Room: B169 Time 10.00-12.00

Alex Pheby, Michelle Dando, Stacey Ainscow, Tim Ingroville, Godswill Daniels, and Matthew Williams


Presentation Group Q: Individuals and Social Difference

Chair: Andy Thompson

Room: B69 Time: 10.00-12.00

Chelsea Matthews, Laurence Denison, Kayleigh Butt, Lorna-Jane Griffiths, Stephanie-Leigh Parsells, Laurie Cannon, Alex Norman, and Kelly Skelton


Presentation Group T: Sports and Sorts

Chair: Paul Chambers

Room B169a Time 10.00-12.00

Matthew Thomas, Victoria Jenkins, Hana Imiolczyk, Ross Simister, Matthew Coles, Stephen Smith, and Bernardo Lemus


Presentation Group N: Public Service, Targets, Management and Structure

Chair: Steve Williams

Room: B169 Time: 12.30-2.30

Laura Manfield, Benjamin Croxall, Rachel Morrisey, Daniel Till, Annika St John, Rachel Reynolds, and Claire Vaughan


Presentation Group R: Individuals, Image and Society

Chair: Sarah Oerton

Room B69 Time 12.30-2.30

Clare Phillips, Stephen Buckley, Elisha Crowle, Belinda Jones, Chloe Parsons, Brendon Pitman, and Sarah Vincent


Presentation Group S: Reacting to Social Change

Chair: Paul Chambers

Room B169a Time 12.30-2.30

Lyndsay Williams, Rachel Pitman, Rachel Jones, Catherine Davies, Antony Green, Emily Nichols, and Rebecca Newton


Presentation Group P: The Public Sector, Exclusion and Difference

Chair: Catherine Farrell

Room B69 Time 3.00-5.00

Rhian Hopkins, Gareth Booy, Jamie Milner-Hayer, Laurence Richardson, Malcolm Duke, and Yvonne Charles



Look forward to seeing you there!


Gerald Taylor

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