A Student Perspective of the Undergraduate Dissertation Conference

Throughout the year there has been discussion of the Undergraduate Dissertation Conference with unwillingness to participate and panicked stressed rumours of presenting in front 100 people started to circulate (in fact there was about 12max). Not a lot of people wanted to do it or more to the point saw any reason for doing it, we didn’t get marked on it so was there any need?

YES, there is. I think it is fair to say a vast majority who I spoke to after the Conference had changed their opinion completely. We all walked away with the constructive feedback from our peers and chair member to consider and it became a valued exercise which we all contributed in. The day turned out to be informative and very useful, allowing you to grasp how far you have come and more importantly how much you have left to do. Personally I am pleased I got the opportunity to participate.

Rebecca Newton

Final Year Course Rep

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